July 10, 2020

Does the name cyberpunk fashion ring a bell? If you are oblivious to this term, then you are surely missing out on a popular mix of genre, lifestyle, and science fiction.

What isCyberpunkfashion? Well, Cyberpunk clothing is an amalgamation of top of the line advanced technology and scientific costumes and clothing. It follows a distinct, futuristic, and full-on attitude clothing style that isn't for the faint-hearted.

This alternative apparel clothing has made its way into movies and games where the characters are flaunting their new tech-say costumes and outfits. The most significant credit goes to the game 'Cyberpunk 2077' which has profoundly influenced this type of fashion. Loaded with adventure and action, the plot revolves around Night City, where glamour, power, and body modification reigns supreme. Set in 2077, this game has been the stepping stone for creating the current dystopian fashion style.


The Different Styles Of Cyberpunk Fashion

Just like any other fashion style, cyberpunk fashion also has different variations that people follow ardently. Let's look at some of the most common ones that you are bound to spot sooner or later.



This is heavily inspired by print media depictions of classic cyberpunk fashion. It usually has a tinge of the 1980's retro styleand boasts a hard-edged look compared to other styles.

This variation is all about leather, and the dominant color is black. Throw in some cowboy boots and omnipresent mirror shades, and your look is complete.



This variant is what the movie The Matrix was made of. The style depicted in the movie is what comes to an average person's mind when they think of Futuristic clothing.

We're talking about fetish wear, latex, long coats, and leather. If you are aiming for this, get your hands on fractals and Tea-shades.



Here we are talking about everything tech-savvy. This style boasts a more sleek and urban look. You're going after functionality with technical fabrics and modularity.

The clothing is looser and has a near-requisite hood. The entire focus is on the word 'futuristic.' You are more likely to see different colors, where the most prevalent one is metallic.


What To Look For When Shopping For Cyberpunk Clothing?

If you are someone who is new to this Cyberpunk clothing fashion or are looking for alternative clothing, you might feel a little lost with where to start. We are putting together a little list that you can go through to give you an idea of what you should opt for.


  • Cyberpunk Jackets

    You can start by investing in iconic high-quality jackets that will work best for every occasion. They come in various styles, cuts, and materials, so you can choose what variation looks best to flaunt your futuristic look. The cyberpunk inspired jackets are the best representatives of cyber fashion. Our top pick is this dark pioneer long dark jacket that will be the perfect addition to your cyber wardrobe.


  • Cyberpunk Pants:

    No look is complete without the perfect pair of pants. You can choose a variety of pants that range from different designs and styles. It is a common perception to associate cyber fashion with only costumes; however, casual, everyday pants can also be a part of cyberpunk clothing. Whether you are in the mood to 'cosplay' or to 'keep it cool' make sure you get your hands on a legit pair of pants like these tapered leg harem style pants.

alternative apparel

Tactical Assault Sling Backpack


  • Accessories:

If you are more into accessorizing your futuristic style, you can opt for various accessories such as face masks that are taking the world by storm. Not only will a face mask protect you from pollutants and viruses, but it will also be the perfect addition to your cyberpunk style.


    You can also see military wear making its way into cyberpunk fashion. This is usually in the form of combat pants and bags. If you are looking for the perfect bag to flaunt, take a look at our tactical sling backpack. It is waterproof and highly durable.


      • Costumes:

      If you believe that futuristic clothing is too common and you want to up your game a little, invest in costumes. 
      Many stores flaunt costumes inspired by the games and futuristic movies. Get your hands on one of these and get the chance to live in the moment of your favorite game's cyber-world.

        Final Thoughts

        Cyberpunk fashion is here to stay, and we can see it progressing with leaps and bounds. It won't be long when it starts dominating the fashion world owing to its unique style and futuristic approach.



        Whether you are donning up a costume or throwing together a casual cyberpunk outfit, you will glide with pride. It is safe to say that this futuristic, dark, and unique way of dressing will surely make heads turn.

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