July 18, 2020

We all know a friend or two who are obsessed with alternative clothing, and they leave no stone unturned to level-up their future inspired style. Or maybe you are a fashion addict who keeps tabs on the latest trends and styles. We certainly don't blame you. Cyberpunk fashion is for those who fearlessly dare to leap in the latest fashion game while making jaws drop. 

Cyberpunk clothing has got it all; it is a well-blended mix of advanced technology and clothing style with a DIY feel. Its unique and advanced approach is not everyone's cup of tea. Boasting patches and a high-tech style, this genre is a representation of a common man in the future.

So how can you throw together a cyberpunk inspired outfit? In literal terms, you achieve your goal when future-tech, punk, and noir collide, and you get yourself an inspiring cyber outfit.


Cyberpunk Style Becoming More Common Than You Think

We are living in the age of technology. Cyberpunk clothing is becoming a top-favorite genre of fashion with more platforms to discover different aspects of this tech-inspired clothing style.

We can see people of all ages flaunting their favorite cyber-inspired clothing, especially teenagers, making this form of fashion more common than you think. Whether you are taking a stroll or attending a comic-con event, you are bound to witness a few people flaunting these looks. 


Cyberpunk Fashion Has Made It To The Runway

Yes, you read that right. Cyberpunk fashion has sparked the interest of many fashion enthusiasts, making it a sought-after fashion style. We can see several designers flaunting their futuristic masterpieces on the runway, making you want to grab a piece. Whether it's one-piece metallic dresses or sparkling sneakers, the runway has seen it all. 

From Saint Laurent to Jeremy Scott to J.W. Anderson, all have shown their love for this dystopian fashion.


Cyberpunk Clothing Style Dominating Movies

Yup, many blockbuster hits have taken their inspiration from this specific genre. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Blade Runner:

This movie focuses on the noir aspect of this fashion trend ranging from long trench coats to sleek pencil skirts. The characters flaunt collars and jumpsuits with brightly bleached hair.


  • RoboCop:

This movie also gets its inspiration from cyberpunk, where the main theme is focused on robotics. It is all about circuitry, aesthetics, and bulky frames. The focus is on a sleek look where black and glossy is the prime component.


  • The Matrix:

How could we forget The Matrix? It is loaded with long trench coats and skintight suits. The mirrored shades that Morpheus donned scream cyberpunk in all its glory.


How To Assemble The Perfect Cyberpunk Outfit?

Are you looking for the perfect cyber-inspired outfit and feel lost where to start from? There are so many clothing options and accessories that can let you achieve the perfect eye-catching cyber look.

Let us guide you to put up an outfit that will surely grab everyone's attention.


cyberpunk fashion

Stellartech Zip Cargo Pants


  • Cyberpunk Pants:

You will need the perfect pants to pair with your t-shirt. You don't need to settle on leather; there are several everyday pants that fall in the cyberpunk category.

Get your hands on these Stellartech Zip cargo pants  to complete your cyber inspired look. These full-length cotton pants are comfy and offer abundant pockets while oozing style.


  • Shirt

Next is a t-shirt that screams 'future.' Cyberpunk clothing doesn't necessarily have to be black; you can play around with the colors. If you are looking for the perfect t-shirt to flaunt, try your luck with our dual shredded t-shirt. With its unique cuts, it will give the impression that you just landed out of the future. 
cyberpunk clothing


You can definitely up your cyber style game. Throw in a hoodie with a big hood to give your look a more mysterious edge. If getting attention is what you're after, invest in this mysterious and unusual flow hoodie. This bad boy will give you all the attention you want. 
  • Gloves:

Every cyber outfit boasts eye-catching accessories. Gloves are a popular choice among many cyber fashion enthusiasts. Nothing compliments your future-inspired look better than a good pair of gloves. These tactical finger gloves will leave everyone wondering where you got these beauties from. 


Final Words

Cyberpunk fashion is taking the fashion scene by storm. With unique cuts and a mysterious aura, this style of fashion has garnered a considerable fan following.

Ranging from hoodies to shirts to sunglasses, everything can be styled to give you the future look of your dreams. Whether it is cyberpunk, techwear, or any form of dystopian clothing, they have made a permanent place in the fashion genre and will continue to gain popularity. 

So, where to get cyberpunk clothing? You know the answer; the TWENTYDROP website has all that you are looking for.

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