June 10, 2020

How to Protect Yourself During a Global Pandemic

global pandemic such as Covid_19 really puts life into perspective. Human beings are vulnerable to infection and disease and sadly some of us are more at risk than others. One thing we have realised during this current global pandemic, is how easily a viral infection such as Coronavirus can spread across the world. Approximately 1.3 billion people travel each year to different countries and the ease and availability of international travel has made us increasingly open to deadly viruses such as Covid_19. 

With this in mind, more people than ever are searching for effective ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from viral infections. In this article we’re going to explain how you can minimize your risk of exposure by usingface protectors and why this current global pandemic has rapidly spread across the world.


Covid_19 A Global Pandemic 

Covid_19 is a viral disease. With international travel, this type of airborne virus can quickly turn into a global pandemic. When a person is infected, pathogens can quite easily infect others when the person coughs, sneezes or touches surfaces with unclean hands. However, the disease does not instantly show symptoms, which means a person can be under a false sense of security that they are well. This makes it very difficult to control and prevent the spread of this virus. 

How to Protect Yourself From a Global Pandemic?

To protect yourself and your loved ones from a global pandemic such as Covid_19, face protectorsare a must. As the virus is viral, this means that you can easily contract the virus should you breathe in the tiny airborne droplets of someone infected. This often happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes or touches surfaces with unclean hands. Face protectors are an effective way to put a physical barrier between you and the airborne pathogens spreading the virus.

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How Face Protectors are Fighting Covid_19 

Face protectors are key to fighting a flu pandemic not to mention anything else. As both Covid_19 and the flu are viral diseases, face protectors will help stop the spread of infection and here’s why: 

Spread of Airborne Pathogens 

face protector should be worn by both a person infected and a person not infected during a global pandemic. 

1: In the first instance, the face protector, or face mask prevents someone who is ill from infecting other people, especially those vulnerable to the disease. It is therefore the responsibility of anyone who is experiencing symptoms associated with the infection to wear a face mask and take precautions to stop the spread of the virus. 

2: In the second instance, a face protector acts as a barrier between a healthy individual and airborne pathogens. The face protector will stop you from inhaling the tiny droplets and becoming ill. This is crucial if you are caring for someone sick or vulnerable, you’re in close proximity to members of the public or you are in the healthcare industry, helping fight the global pandemic.Although it’s always wise to wear a face protector when travelling and in a confined space with a lot of people. 

Prevents You From Touching Your Nose, Eyes and Mouth

face protector not only reduces your risk of inhaling the airborne pathogens but also helps you to stop touching your mouth, nose, and eyes with dirty hands. When someone sneezes or coughs, the tiny droplets can also land on surfaces such as door handles and light switches. If you forget to wash your hands regularly, and touch your mouth, which is actually very easily done, you can make yourself sick. 

A Physical Reminder of the Global Pandemic

face protector can act as a physical reminder that there is a heightened risk of infection. By wearing a face protector, you are more conscious and aware of the global pandemic and you will likely be more cautious when out and about. 

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Are Face Masks the Future for Healthcare 

How are face masks and face shields shaping the future of the global healthcare industry? There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is very conscious of the spread of infection. However, after the outbreak of Covid_19, more healthcare professionals than ever are wearing face protectors and face shields when treating patients. 

When you consider that the flu kills around 290,000 to 650,000 people annually, according to the World Health Organisation,face protectorshave the potential to save thousands of lives. Not to be mistaken for a flu pandemic, we are talking about seasonal flu! Yet, if we consider a flu pandemic, such as Influenza or the Spanish flu, wearingface protectors could dramatically reduce the deadly impact of these illnesses.

There is no doubt that face protectors and face masks will remain a key method for preventing the spread of diseases such as Covid_19 now and in the future. If you are thinking of investing in a high-qualityface protector, we highly recommend that you buy an adjustable and reusable filter face mask. This allows you to wear the face protector for a longer period of time, replacing only the filters and not the whole mask. This is not only better for the environment but it will also save you money in the long run.

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