July 08, 2020

Innovations in technology are growing every day- more and more by the second. It’s only fair that the items of clothing that we use on a daily basis are also tweaked up so they can provide us with the most utility in today’s day and age. That is where techwear comes into the picture.


What Is Techwear?

Techwear is actually the abbreviated version of the words; technical wear. It’s basically urban apparel made from high-quality fabrics to create technically detailed products that can sustain themselves against the elements.


Techwear aesthetics are heavily influenced by styles such as cyberpunk, which are themed around badass gothic, futuristic,and dark themes. Cyberpunk clothing,a popular mix of different genres, such as lifestyle and science-fiction, is sometimes a part of this alternative apparel type.


Why do you need techwear in your life? Well, think of Keanu Reeves in the matrix I'm sure at one point everyone aspired to look as cool as he did. Needless to say, he donned the full black tech-look so effortlessly! Whether you opt for a full-on grey tech attire or go for the whole black goth look, you’ll definitely be radiating vibes on a whole new level. So, what are you waiting for? It’s about time you invested in a techwear product that’ll make you stand out of the crowd!


Our Favourite Techwear Clothing Trends For The Year 2020 -

Now you may be wondering that if techwear is the new “in” thing; what are the top fashion “must-have” trends and fashion essentials that we all need to have in our closets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


These techwear products can also be seen featuring in movies and science fiction projects. They stand out for their uniqueness and chic designs, sure to turn heads wherever you go!


So What Are the New Techwear Trends for the Year 2020? Here are our top picks:


Techwear Backpacks  

If you’re a traveler or commuter, always finding yourself on the move- then a sturdy, reliable backpack is your most prized possession. Tech-backpacks provide you with just that and more. Forget the old, ordinary backpacks and think new digital backpacks that can even charge your phone/laptop on the go!


Check out this large capacity multifunctional waterproof backpack. This one-of-a-kind backpack is sleek and trendy enough to be a part of your attire. Treading down the road with a tech-pack on your back is a style-statement in its self!


Techwear Jackets 

The right jacket that meets all of our clothing needs is an investment piece we all need in our wardrobes.Techwear jackets definitely leave a lasting impression.


Imagine being able to stay dry and warm during winter yet light and breathable during intense summer activity. Not to mention a super flawless, detailed outlook. Sounds like the perfect combination to have! Check out this BYBB’S dark technical jacket from TwentyDrop. It combines the best of both worlds- both form and function.


Techwear Masks

Nothing else seems to be the need of the hour more than masks. The current pandemic situation requires us all to take extra precautions while stepping out into the open.


Here is where tech-masks come into the picture. Lightweight yet durable, they come with disposable antipollution filters that reduce exposure to all sorts of infections around us.


Looking to buy a tech-mask? One of our must-haves is this black face mask! The grey sports facemask is super lightweight, stylish, and functional. In addition to acting as an excellent dust and pollution shield, it can be easily used during training and working out.  So even when you step out during quarantine times, you’ll still be oozing style and charisma!


Tech Gloves 

Another trending item for techwear this year seems to be – Tech-gloves! You’re never fully prepared to go outdoors with your hands and fingers bare, especially during winter, or if you're a germaphobe on the inside.


Imagine owning a pair of gloves that not only protect you but also have anti-slip properties! How cool would that be? Techwear gloves usually provide the wearer with microfibre, Hugh quality gloves. Some may even tell you the time, as well as your heartbeat!


Check out these techwear tactical full finger gloves; you'll be the envy of all biker-dudes and glove-lovers.


Final Thoughts

Whether its techwear pants, goggles, or techwear shoes you buy, you’ll always end up giving a vibe on a whole new level. Not only does techwear give the person wearing it a whole new outlook, but it also serves as a conservation-starter at parties and get-togethers.


Say goodbye to all those boring tees and pants that were all regular and boring. Techwear is, without a doubt, clothing of the future! 


Where to buy techwear? Visit the TWENTYDROP website today and browse through tons of techwear, futuristic clothing, and cyberpunk clothing options to get your hands on the clothing style of tomorrow.

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