We stock a variety of super cool face masks and face coverings.

Checkout our wide range below. All are of high quality, and of different styles to suit your outfit!

No More Steamy Glasses & Sun Glasses

It is important to note that your mask should fit comfortably on your face with minimal air gaps. We recommend choosing a mask that has an adjustable nose clip. or mouldable material on top of the nose. Our Black Face Mask, Grey Face Mask, Cruiser Face Mask, and Neck Strap Mask have these. These mouldable bridges help ensure a tight fit over the nose and help prevent your glasses of misting up, as it stops warm moist air from traveling upwards.

All our mask come with Free Shipping

If you have already tried a few cloth face mask, you will notice how stuffy and muggy they get inside and probably have noticed how your exhaled air escapes out the sides. To prevent this from happening, certain masks come with exhaust valves. When you breathe out, these one-way valves channel your used air directly out, which makes it easier to breathe and thus more comfortable. And this is what you ultimately want. A comfortable mask is a mask that you will want to wear and not take off, thus reducing your exposure and keeping others safe from you should you unknowingly be infected.

The face mask mentioned above all come with exhaust valves.  

Replaceable Filters

Many of our masks come with replaceable filters. Some being N95. N99 filters. These filters either fit inside the mask or slide in through a side pocket. An N95 filter means they can successfully filter out at least 95% of air born particles from 0.3 microns and up. N95 filters offer higher filtration rates than regular cloth masks or masks without filters.

For the best protection, we recommend ordering a few replacement filters, as filters should be replaced often, sometimes every few days if one is often exposed.


Black Face Mask from $19.00 $49.99
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Black Face Mask - Neck Strap from $21.99 $39.99
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Gray Face Mask with Filters $44.99 $52.99
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Cruiser Face Mask from $13.99 $48.99
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Half Face Mask Sold Out $38.99
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Insert Filter Face Mask Sold Out $35.99
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Vitave Mask and Goggles $44.99 $52.99
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Desert Storm One Face Mask $58.99 $77.99
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StormSurge Mesh Mask from $54.99 $87.99
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Outdoor Summer Bandana Face Cover Gaiter with Filter $21.99 $30.99
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Sizing Guide

Our products are soured from all corners of the globe to ensure an extrmely unique range of clothes found no where else in one place.

In saying that, please consult the size guide chart or photos on each product. Some charts are only available in CM or Inches. One can do a quick google calculations to convert to your desired format.

Tip: How to measure yourself

See the chart below, grab a measuring tape, and measure yourself according to the image below. Order a product that is similar to those measurements!

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