Gray Face Mask with Filters

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Our stylish Gray Sport Face Masks comes with a disposable interior anti-pollution filter that can reduce exposure to infection. It also comes with 2 x air vents that make exhalation easier.


  • protects against infected droplets entering nose or mouth from a sick person
  • face masks and covering prevents one from touching their nose and mouth
  • it protects the spread of germs to others
  • can act as a dust and pollution shield for construction work
  • great for training and working out

It's important to note that face mask don't block all small particles, however, they can prevent liquid from a sick persons' cough or sneeze entering your mouth. It is also advisable to wear one if you are sick in order to lower the chances of infecting others.



  • make sure it fits snug around your face.
  • adjust the nose clamp to secure the fit. the tighter the fit the better
  • wash your hands before and after putting on your mask
  • minimal air should enter through the sides of the mask. you should feel some resistance when breathing in. This means the there are fewer gaps and air is going through the filter
  • although masks can help, alone they cannot stop a virus. However wearing a mask, along with washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds, couple with social distancing can reduce the chances of contracting viruses. 


  • Stylish and very cool looking face mask
  • Easy to replace interior filter 
  • Can be used during exercise
  • "Z" shaped stitched for comfort and durability
  • Soft, adjustable nose clip for a close fit
  • Convenient ear hooks easily slip on over ears 

  • We recommended replacing filters often during infections and times of flu.

    Black Face Mask with Filters for Coronavirus | TwentyDrop


    Black Face Mask with Filters for Coronavirus | TwentyDrop


    Black Face Mask with Filters for Coronavirus | TwentyDrop
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