About us

The world as we know it is changing. What many have prophesied in novels, comics or films is becoming true. Styles are changing, cities are progressing, we are transforming.

A new dawn is approaching - Are you Ready?

This new mode of fashion is not the same as we once thought. Gone are the day of flashy apparel, Dark Wave has arrived. At TWENTYDROP we don't deny the future not disregard the present. It is here we have paved the way for a new type of streetwear, a new mode of being,  the dark wave of cyber apparel and alternative fashion. It is a fusion between the functionality of techwear which prepares us for any situation along with style of unified futuristic global movement

Together as one

Thus TWENTYDROP was born in early 2017. And it is here we bring you the latest and best techgear, cyberpunk apparel and futuristic clothing this side of 2020 and further.

Join us and like many others and be apart of a revolution, one that knows no barriers, one that embraces the future. Our products are meant to equip you for the uncertainty that lies ahead. Confidence in no matter the landscape or situation. The era of 2020. TWENTYDROP

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Sizing Guide

Our products are soured from all corners of the globe to ensure an extrmely unique range of clothes found no where else in one place.

In saying that, please consult the size guide chart or photos on each product. Some charts are only available in CM or Inches. One can do a quick google calculations to convert to your desired format.

Tip: How to measure yourself

See the chart below, grab a measuring tape, and measure yourself according to the image below. Order a product that is similar to those measurements!

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